Strategy - Teamwork - Gratitude - Faith - Success

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Strategy - Teamwork - Gratitude - Faith - Success


John Smith

No special knowledge is needed to make some serious abundance here.  It's just $5 to get started which makes it so easy to PIF 4, get $10 back and have (4) one hundred percent matches locked in.

That adds $330,000 or so to your bottom line.  Impresive.  The coding on this is pristine.

Sarah Palmer

Starving no more.

I make more here than I do with my artistry.  I mean just today, I received over $530 alone.  It all started when I PIF'ed 8 friends and associates in.

Everything just exploded really fast.  Now, I'm actively looking to PIF as many as I can.  And the best part, I do everything from the comfort of my studio.

Jessica Kennedy

I'm getting multiple payments daily.  Direct to my wallet of choice.

I have PIF'd three so far and I upgraded as fast as I could afford.  I have found the payouts are really nicer, bigger, at the higher levels and makes a Huge difference in the matches as everyone catches up.

My advice, plan and upgrade ahead.  Get to PIF'ing as fast as you can after you upgrade first (before they do).

I average about $365 every two days or so.


Review the site.  Make a good decision.  Click on Register FREE.

We're a platform that grows your Dogecoin to massive heights.  With a tiny gratitude and faith seed of $5.  Everyone has $5 laying around and with AndThanks2U, you can turn that tiny $5 into literally hundreds of thousands, even millions.

Our platform promotes helping others in order to help yourself.  You can have everything you want, when you help enough other people get what they want.

No, not today.  Not tomorrow.  Not ever.  One account per person please.

If you want to multiply your earnings, just refer others and or PIF them.  The platform is designed in such a way to payout 100% Matching Bonuses for everyone you PIF or refer.

Those caught cheating are terminated and forfeit all future earnings.  Why risk it?  Just don't cheat.  It is not worth it.  By doing the right thing, you help others and help yourself at the same time.  

It really is amazing, feels good, and creates a gratitude and faith community when we genuinely work together the right way.

Your information is kept private via our secure servers.  You agree to receive emails, updates, etc. from us.

No Refunds.  Period.  It is crypto and that's the beauty of it.  Once you are paid.  That's it.  You cannot be charged back.

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